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Wireless Extenders ZB575X-V TRIO SOHO Xtreme

$ 377.58
zBoost TRIO SOHO Xtreme solves missed and dropped calls inside your larger indoor spaces. The zBoost TRIO SOHO Xtreme boosts Verizon 4G LTE as well as voice and text for all m

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Wireless Extenders YX030-35W Rg-6 Extender Cable - 35

$ 29.99
Wi-Ex zBoost YX030-35W - Antenna extension cable - F connector (F) to F connector (M) - 35 ft - coaxial - ( RG-6 )

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Wi-ex Rg-11 Extension Cable - Male - Female - Black - Wireless Extenders Yx031-100 (yx031100)

$ 75.19
Technical InformationCable Type: CoaxialCable Characteristic: Extension CableConnector on First End: MaleConnector on Second End: FemaleConductor: CopperPhysical CharacteristicsColor: BlackMiscellaneousAdditional Information: Ultra low loss, commercial grade RG-11High quality weather proof connectorsCompatibility: Wi-Ex zBoost YX500-PCS Cell Phone Signal Booster (PCS Only) Wi-Ex zBoost YX500-CEL Cell Phone Signal Booster (800 MHz Only) Wi-Ex zBoost YX510-PCS Cell Phone Signal BoosterWi-Ex zBoost YX510-CEL Cell Phone Signal BoosterWi-Ex zBoost 510 Dual Band Wireless Extender

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