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Rollergard Rolling Skate Guard

$ 59.95
The Rollergard is a new innovative rolling skate guard that allows an ice hockey player or skater the option of roller skating on their ice blades when they are done at the ice arena. Hockey coaches of all age groups now have the option of warming up their players prior to their scheduled ice times.

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Lit Biscuit Light Up Hockey Puck

$ 18.95
The Game Never Ends! This NEW Light Up puck is great. This official size puck turns on and off with a simple screw mechanism, and the ""whole"" center STAYS lit.

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G1 Slide Board Booties

$ 21.95
Extra booties for use with the G1 Extreme slide boards. Slide boards builds the quick, explosive power that athletes need for the court, field, and ice.

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Halo Wrist Trainer

$ 15.95
The Halo teaches proper mechanics in wrist shots, crisp passing, muscle memory and wicked fast hands. The Halo works equally as well for Inline, Ice or Street practice. This is one of the best home tools available. The Halo fits all senior composite sticks, making it easy to plug into an old or broken stick.

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G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 5'x8'- Player Model

$ 349.95
Develop your skating stride, practice your shot, strengthen your stickhandling skills, build your core muscles, and improve your agility, balance and coordination - all with one flat, 1.5 m x 2.4 m, easy-to-lay-down-and-start-working mat. It's the newly designed G1 Extreme Slide Board by!

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Marsblade - Inline Skating Blades

$ 199.95
The Marsblade kit is used to convert your ice hockey skate into dryland training skate, it helps players of all level to find the right balance point and activates the same muscles used for ice skating.

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The Goalie - Goal Blocking System

$ 449.95
The GOALIE helps player to see realistic shooting angles, to see the new scoring zones based on how goalies are been taught today and this Goalie never gets tired!

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Skateez - Skate Trainer

$ 19.95
Get skating sooner with the Skateez. It's design for new skaters the same way training wheels work on a bicycle. Easy to install and fits a multitude of skate styles.

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Trion SK8W8 Skate Weights - Original

$ 39.95
The SK8W8 is an adjustable skate weight used by hockey players to build speed and explosiveness. Each SK8W8 has a high-impact nylon shell that holds up to three steel weights.

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